Ultimate Bathing Kit
Pet bathing made easy!
The dog wand is great! I used it on my dog and cat! It installs easily in less than a minute and stores easily with the supplied hook. The wand is easy to use, with variable water pressure, to make bath time so much easier. — Woodsy 
Pet Wand PRO
8-Foot Flexible Hose
Outdoor Hose Adapter
Suction Cup Hook
Indoor Shower Diverter
+ Drain Screen
+ Quick Dry Towel
+ Storage Bag
+ FREE Shipping!
NOW ONLY: $49.99
A $90 VALUE!
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Great great product
This is just what I’ve been looking for! I have never found anything so perfect. The amount of water flow is just perfect for any wash or rinsing I would recommend this 100 percent Loved it!!!!!!! — Dizzy
Love it!
I absolutely love it! It was very easy to use, and does a great job washing my dog! Couldn’t ask for a better product! My dog loved the shower, he didn’t try and leave like he normally would do, and it gets all the soap residue off so he’s nice and clean!! — Starlight
Great Coverage and Adjustable Water Pressure
Had a lot of coverage so it was a lot quicker. Pressure control was nice.
— Forrest

Frequently Asked Questions:
A. Installing the Pet Wand PRO indoors is easy with the included diverter allowing you to switch from regular shower head to pet shower in an instant. Just screw the diverter onto your shower j-pipe and screw the shower head and Pet Wand PRO onto the two diverter outlets. For step-by-step instructions download the Pet Wand PRO Installation and User Guide PDF.
A. To use the Pet Wand PRO with your garden hose simply attach the outdoor adapter to your hose, screw the WaterpikTM hose to the outdoor adapter, then screw the wand onto the hose. For instructions download the Pet Wand PRO Installation and User Guide PDF.
A. You can directly screw the Pet Wand hose onto your shower pipe by removing your current shower head. Download the Pet Wand PRO Installation and User Guide PDF.
A. For a hand held shower head, you can unscrew your current hand held shower hose from the bracket and screw on the Pet Wand PRO hose to your current shower bracket. OR uninstall the entire bracket and screw the Pet Wand PRO hose directly onto the shower pipe. Download instructions.
A. The Pet Wand PRO includes a limited lifetime warranty. A dated sales receipt is required for warranty validation. If you are seeking warranty assistance and do not have the receipt, provide at least one image of the Pet Wand PRO to depict the issue being experienced. Email the photo(s) to Please include the reason for the claim, your name, address, AND telephone number.
A. If you are having issues with any of the parts you’ve received, please contact our customer service team. Replacements may be covered in your product warranty.
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